Left? Right?

Laterality test Is your life being controlled by your left or right hemisphere?

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Laterality test

You have to write a long text, as a topic you choose: description of your country's economical situation story of a hero, who saves the world In the morning, you choose clothes depending on: your mood an exact plan You work on two projects, your plan is: finish one, then continue with other work alternately on both at the same time In a theatre, you would rather be: an actor a director You better remember: faces names

While working, you prefer: good organisation, with a bit of routine to be creative When you are dancing: you prefer spontaneous movement you dance ballroom dances with exact rules Do you often have an impulse to listen to your intuition? yes no Your dreams are: frequent, colorful, easy to remember you rarely remember your dreams You consider solving crosswords as: easy difficult

Left hemisphere

Right hemisphere

Optimal value is 50%. The closer this value is to 100, the more you are using only one side of your brain.

Are you sure you have answered everything truthfully? Try the test again, this result is almost impossible to achieve. We always use at least a bit of each hemisphere.

Keep your left hemisphere busy with activities which require accuracy, ie. crafting (sewing, woodcarving ...), working with computer or logical games. You can maximize your mind abilities by strenghtening your left hemisphere.

Keep your right hemisphere busy with activities like various types of art (music, dance, fine art, design...). You can maximize your mind abilities by strenghtening your right hemisphere.

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Left hemisphere

The left brain hemisphere is always perfectly accurate and contains logical thinking. We solve each project precisely and find joy in all the problems along the way. Left hemisphere is also where the speech centre is located. We master various languages essential for all the different solutions, but we also understand the necessity of clear presentation of information for end users. Our client can always rely on the quality and precision of our work. This is Insidea!

Put the logical power of our left hemisphere under a test.

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Right hemisphere

The creative power, emotional intelligence, imagination as well as intuition drawing from the long-term experience in the field are all contained in the right hemisphere of our brain. Thanks to our right hemisphere we can creatively work on different tasks. Our brilliant graphic solutions and distinctive individual design is what we always like to sign under - Insidea!

Find out for yourself and watch the explosions of creativity in our right hemisphere.

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